Nurses devote a significant amount of time to caring for their patients because this is their primary purpose and part of what is expected of them in the nursing profession. The majority of their employment comprises observing and monitoring patients’ progress by examining their vital signs and checking their conditions. As part of their daily work description, nurses must monitor a patient’s temperature, blood sugar levels, and physical well-being. The task, however, is not easy because it demands people who have done extensive preparation and have the correct mentality for the job.

Nursing skills are essential for any employment position, as they will assist them in gaining and learning the abilities and traits required to succeed on the job. There are several talents that are considered to be important for nurses, and one of the most important is that they must have excellent communication abilities.

Because nurses are always on the front lines of treatment, verbal communication is essential. They are the first ones who have a direct touch with the patient before they meet with the doctors. This is due to the fact that nurses always provide information to patients or family members that have been passed through them by physicians and doctors. Good communication skills are vital in nursing because they allow for an open discourse with patients and their families about diagnosis or any other issue that demands their attention.

Good verbal skills guarantee that the information given to patients and their families is clear, factual, and honest and that the language used is appropriate for the patient’s culture, age group, and even level of understanding. It aids in the smooth operation of healthcare operations because many patients like to be addressed respectfully. It’s obvious because some people like to be addressed by their first names, while others prefer to be addressed by their surnames.

To achieve excellent verbal communication, nurses must always remember that many of the patients getting care deserve civility, kindness, and sincerity, as well as the time to listen to what the patient conveys to them. Confidentiality is also important because they contact the sick and are judged not only on their physical abilities but also on their education and experience.


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The exchange of thoughts, information, and sentiments between individuals is referred to as communication. It is an important component in nursing since it incorporates all departments in an organization for the seamless operation of activities such as treatment, therapy, rehabilitation, and prevention. Effective communication necessitates understanding the patient and how they express themselves. Nurses must relay the message received while ensuring that the receiving party accepts and understands it. Good communication benefits patients since nurses can give tailored care and are thus better prepared and equipped if an anomaly or concern emerges. A larger emphasis on this talent, on the other hand, frequently leads to good progress and outcomes, resulting in quality care provided.

Verbal communication facilitates the development of a relationship between the nurse and the patient, allowing them to feel more comfortable sharing whatever is bothering them, something they may feel embarrassed to disclose at times.

Many nursing schools place a greater emphasis on communication in the majority of their curriculum. Professional interpersonal communication, both verbal and written, assists nurses in preparing for life in the clinical workplace. Although the importance of verbal communication is well acknowledged, the need for clear and succinct written communication is frequently overlooked. With the advancement of technology and the use of electronic medical records, lawsuits, and insurance denials, nurses’ ability to fully document patient contacts and treatment plans has become increasingly important.

Nonverbal communication is also a useful method of communication because a patient’s body language, gestures, touch, and even facial expressions reveal a lot about how the patient is experiencing. It is an effective mode of communication that aids in the development of trust and the overall well-being of patients in a hospital or healthcare facility.

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