What licences are required to legally possess the firearm APHS1?

On Saturday the 27th March a family staying at rented a cabin for a weekend next to the River Esk in Ravenglass, Cumbria were awoken by several load bangs outside. On investigation they noticed that the one of the other cabins on the site was on fire and they called the fire brigade. The police were also called to attend the scene.
The police interviewed the family as well as other holidaymakers staying on the site. Several other holidaymakers also reported that they had been disturbed by several loud bangs at about 11pm that night. They also reported that a group of three men staying in a tent near the rivers edge had been causing a nuisance all of that day- drinking, setting large bonfires, shouting and playing loud music.
The police went to question the three men and they became suspicious of their behaviour. Due to their suspicions they decided to search their tent where they found several bags of white powder, lighter fluid and a pistol. The gun and the white powder were seized as evidence and the men arrested for possession of drugs and an illegal firearm.
On questioning the men said that they had booked a camping holiday for a few days to celebrate the end of their second year at University. They admitted to drinking and taking cocaine; the bags of white powder did belong to them and it was for personal use as well as admitting that they may have “become a bit boisterous” the prior evening. When questioned about the gun it was claimed that it was just a toy and they had no idea really why they had bought it along. They further claimed that carrying the gun had no relation to the quantity of cocaine.
The three men were also questioned about the fire in the cabin and whether or not they had any involvement. All three denied any involvement and said that they were not aware of any load bangs. Police did recover spent fireworks from the scene but the men denied they were theirs or that they had set them off.

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