Write a minimum of 1 paragraph under each heading on the DIE+K model.Express emotions and reflect upon personal values in relation to the pictures, and how the picture did or did not change or add to your perspective.

Requirements for responses to classmates’ postings: 1. You will learn a lot from reading the essays posted by your classmates. You read other students’ posts by clicking on the Discussion tab and then the Chapter. All the students’ posts for that chapter should appear. 2. After you’ve read your classmates’ posts, choose two students to respond to. Please reply to students who have answered a different question than you did. Type your response on a word processor and save a back-up copy. Preview your comments to check for spelling and grammar. 3. To post your reply, open the student’s message. Click on the Reply box at the end of the post. Paste your reply in the text box.

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