Write an essay on the music of the Beatles.

“From the word go we decided we shouldn’t make formula things, we should try to be as different as possible…plan was to have a single every three months and an album twice a year…as soon as the Beatles realized their creative abilities in the studio, they got hooked on this thing of really building something new each time….For my part, I felt it [Sgt. Pepper’s] was the album which turned the Beatles from just an ordinary rock band into being significant contributors to the history of artistic performance. It was the turning‐point. It was the watershed which changed the recording art from something that made amusing sounds into something which will stand the test of time as a valid art form: sculpture in music if you like” (Martin 1979).
Write an essay on the music of the Beatles. Your discussion will provide a brief historical survey of the context of the British Invasion, and will detail the transformation which occurred in their musical style during the early‐ to mid‐1960s: suggest “Love Me Do” (1962) and “Tomorrow Never Knows” (1966) as a case study.

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