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A PICO question is a necessary component of every activity undertaken by a nurse. It is pertinent in terms of evidence-based practice (EBP) implementation. Using this approach, one can develop a clinical picture of a patient’s medical state. In nursing school, students utilize the PICOT to assess a patient’s medical history and select the best treatment plan.

PICO stands for “Patient or Problem, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome,” in that order. It must comprise these four elements. In contrast to previous methodologies, PICOs assist nurses to examine patients’ problems faster and more efficiently by utilizing evidence-based practice. Using EBP reduces the likelihood of nursing processes going wrong. A good PICO demonstrates the ability to assess, intervene, and achieve the best outcome.

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Helpful Writing Tips on Nursing PICO Tasks

All of the PICO components should be considered when formulating a clinical question. An effective PICO will define words and outcomes as required. There are several new areas that can be explored by a PICO that is well-done. These include diagnosis, etiology and treatment.

Often, a bad PICO is a question about something else that looks like a question about something else. It is not a good idea to conduct research on the effects of Prilosec on people who are taking immune suppressants. First, drug effects are usually regarded background content because they are in a drug datasheet, not an article. Second, the question itself is ambiguous. Why do you need an immunosuppressant? Who live in your neighborhood? To fully answer this question, more data is required.

Consider the fact that many nursing school tasks need you to conduct research on the internet or elsewhere. Start with a search for just one or two parts of your PICO topic if you can’t locate anything. There may be articles that focus on one part of your PICO and others that focus on a different part. It doesn’t matter if your articles don’t exactly match your PICO question. You need to build your case and explain your findings.

It is vital to develop PICO questions that are applicable to nursing

What emerges in the course of patient care is reframed by the PICO question These are more difficult to express than informational inquiries. In the EBP process, they are comprised of specific components or ideas.

It’s no accident that this process is called “formulating.” As a PICO question writer, you are creating a formula that is designed to accomplish a variety of goals:

  • Identify the key components or ideas that make up the inquiry
  • Defining the subject matter for a thorough literature search
  • Analyzing search engine results in order to find the most relevant results
  • Assesses the relevance of the studies discovered to the topic at hand
  • Ultimately, the process will provide information that will help determine whether or not the PICO intervention should be carried out.

PICO Examples

Element of the clinical question Population/Patient/Problem

Give as much detail as you can about the patient or group of patients you’re researching.

Intervention (or cause, prognosis)

What is the primary treatment or intervention that you’d like to try?

Involving, for example, a patient’s perspective, a risk factor, a patient’s experience, a diagnostic test, or any of the aforementioned.

Comparison (optional)

Are there any comparable treatments available?

Including the absence of a disease, a placebo, a different prognostic factor, or a risk factor, for example.


Is there a time frame for the clinical outcome? If so, what is it?

Example In patients with acute bronchitis, do antibiotics none reduce sputum production, cough or days off?
Example In children with cancer what are the current treatments in the management of fever and infection?
Example Among family-members of patients undergoing diagnostic procedures does standard care, listening to tranquil music, or audio taped comedy routines make a difference in the reduction of reported anxiety.
Example In adult patients with total hip replacements, how effective is pain medication compared to aerobic stretching in controlling post operative pain during the perioperative and recovery time?

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Nurses’ PICO projects are renowned for their time and effort. To be successful in this project, you’ll need to have strong writing and analytical abilities, among other things. When doing a PICOT study, keep the following in mind:

  • All of the patient’s current and previous medical conditions.
  • Detailed information about intervention methods and techniques.
  • A thorough review of the patient’s medical history is in order to track the disease’s progression.
  • To get the most reliable results, the PICO question points must be determined using appropriate methods.

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