Plagiarism Free Guarantee

No-Plagiarism Guarantee

A no-plagiarism guarantee assures clients of‘s commitment to deliver content free of plagiarism, and steps already taken to ensure custom papers, research papers, research proposals, term papers, dissertations, thesis papers, research essays, essays, papers are free of plagiarism.  It also outlines how we test for plagiarism, as well as what steps to take or what to do if instances of plagiarism are detected.

In addition, it offers an explanation of what plagiarism is and insight into our view of plagiarism and enthusiasm to, not only fight it, but also to write original content. By reading through the no-plagiarism guarantee, you understand’s respect for rules and regulations pertaining copyrights as established in law, and that we do not tolerate or support plagiarism of any form. This guarantee begins with highlighting effects of plagiarism on both ends. It simply shows that plagiarizing does not benefit anyone and is costly.

The no-plagiarism guarantee has an outstanding statement; we commit to non-plagiarism because it is forbidden in law (international privacy laws and national laws in any country). In addition, plagiarism is illegal in academic institutions. Besides, it is against our codes of practice and ethical standards in writing.

No-plagiarism guarantee does not only outline what, a responsible writing company or provider of custom writing services does on detecting instances of plagiarism in written content, but what the client must do. It enumerates what or instance, it gives a go ahead to demand or request a revision. In this statement/guarantee, stipulates responsibility of clients towards ensuring respect of privacy and confidentiality laws.

What is plagiarism?

It is use of another author’s or writer’s words and ideas without awarding credit disserved in citation. It includes copy-pasting and irresponsible paraphrasing of content.

Impacts of plagiarism to clients

Clients may have custom papers, research papers, research proposals, term papers, dissertations, thesis papers, research essays, essays rejected by professors/tutors/lecturers/teachers. This may follow consequences such as need to revise them, as many times as possible. In addition, students may need to redo custom papers, research papers, research proposals, term papers, dissertations, thesis papers, research essays, essays from scratch. This is why, as a responsible custom writing service, does not tolerate it.

Clients may also be expelled for plagiarism. Students may be held accountable through a court process for violation of copyright laws, following plagiarism. In short, punishment after delivering plagiarized content varies depending on institutional laws and regulations.

Plagiarism is also costly on the client side, because, if the original company does not test for plagiarism and students doubt the papers, they may need to pay for third parties to test for plagiarism. This is avoidable by contacting, because we do not charge on plagiarism testing. Sometimes, clients may need to pay extra amount to revise or redo papers, but not at, because we revise papers ordered, free of charge.

Impacts of plagiarism on company

Having worked with clients for so long, avoids plagiarizing content or delivering plagiarized content because we understand client needs and demands pertaining delivery of original work. Furthermore, we commit to ethical business and ethical standards in rendering custom writing services, essay writing services or research writing services.

As a legal custom writing service, is bound by legal rules, either in United States or outside countries, pertaining copyright. We are under these rules to respect copyright laws and want to be as clean as possible. We are passionate in ensuring delivery of non plagiarized papers because it affects our services and business. It may drive away clients, which risks our business. In addition, plagiarizing may hamper our reputation of services to clients, which slows or affects business negatively.

How to avoid plagiarism, how to test, and what to do in case it is detected

Plagiarism is avoidable. The best route is committing to deliver original content every time you receive orders from clients. It must be within the nerves of writers at, that plagiarizing content is, not only undesirable, unwelcome or intolerable, but also has damaging effects to clients, writing agencies and writers. instills culture of non-plagiarism. We also train writers what to do to avoid plagiarism. In addition, we give or show them legal guidelines to citations such as Turabian, MLA, Harvard, APA, and Chicago, among others. Such guidelines highlight on how to recognize original authors for their original ideas and opinions. In addition, they offer guidelines regarding legal referencing and referencing styles according to specific citations styles.

Another strategy is testing for plagiarism. uses professional tools for this reason, to scan document content and highlight where copy pasting is done. We demand revisions for plagiarized content. This happens before submitting papers to clients.