Refund Guarantee

Money back guarantee

Money back guarantee seeks to respect client wishes and rights to opt out of services provided by, whenever they want. The better part is that Money back guarantee also seeks to grant clients a safe and legal exit from receiving our services. It also shows our admissions that some inconveniences are unavoidable, and the best way to settle them by refunding money.

In this money back guarantee, specifies circumstances under which you may get money back, having previously ordered research papers, essays, custom essays, dissertations, dissertation proposals and thesis proposals, among other custom papers. We request clients to read the money back guarantee and respond appropriately.

When you can get 100% refund

We aspire to give 100% refund to anyone requesting or demanding withdrawal from services. This is because we care for clients. This can happen on cancelling order, before any writer starts to work on it. This means no one expects payment from this order.

Where conditions of getting 100% refund change;

Sometimes, clients upload orders and spend some time without communicating of need to withdraw them. In such cases, we may assign orders to writers and they complete them. This means they expect payment. advises clients to inform online support staff or us immediately, if they intend to withdraw orders. Sometimes, when you post such messages, we abstain from assigning orders to writers or advise them not to pick.

It is important to note that clients may order research papers, essays, custom essays, dissertations, dissertation proposals and thesis proposals and cancel them while writing has begun, but not yet complete. We have mechanisms to inform writers urgently, once you cancel orders. In addition, writers log into system daily and often, with expectations of getting updates. Nevertheless, we advise clients to take responsibility to avoid inconveniences to writers.

Other than requesting withdrawal of orders, for research papers, essays, custom essays, dissertations, dissertation proposals and thesis proposals, we advise clients to make necessary rectifications. For instances, it may be possible to make rectifications where errors exist in order instructions. is an understanding custom writing service/best essay writing company and knows that professors/tutors/lecturers may provide new directions to make writing work easier. Our services allow such additions. Where lecturers add more instructions, we expect clients to add them onto rest of instructions, without withdrawing the order.

However, it is important to note that posting completely new instructions may bring some inconveniences. For instance, we treat such as new orders. Where clients must change instructions completely, it is important to notify support staff, and we shall look at the issue. As an understanding provider of custom writing service/best essay writing company, we know clients might have previously posted wrong or incorrect instructions erroneously. That is why we allow possibility of change. Nevertheless, we encourage clients being responsible.

Clients may also erroneously post identical orders, and allows withdrawal of one order. Where this happens, clients should not mind paying for the second order. If payment is made erroneously, we refund full amount.

Another instance we refund full amount is if it is not possible to find a suitable writer. We aspire to find a writer for every project. A number of things may hamper this. First, we may not find an appropriate writer where instructions do not exist. In addition to paying the order, you may promise to post instructions latter, and until then, we cannot assign the order. We wait for directions from you and refund money, 100%, if you directed so.

Sometimes, instructions posted on orders may be incomplete or unsatisfactory. Writers may fail to complete, or even take these orders, whether you indicated need to post more instructions (further instructions) or not. We will call you or keep in touch, and if it is not finally possible to get the instructions necessary to complete order, we refund money 100%.

As a responsible custom writing service/best essay writing company, values timely delivery of orders. Sometimes, it is unavoidable, though it happens on a rare basis. We are not talking of minor power blackout for a day and sometimes for several days because we have mechanisms to counter that. We are also not talking of issues such as internet connection failures because it is our responsibility to deliver products. We are neither talking of situations such as disappearance of writers because we have mechanisms to handle that. We cannot give you such reasons when the lecturer expects the paper turned in, and nothing more.

We demand writers report progress on orders from time to time. If they cannot do so, we have obligation to reassign orders to other writers (we have adequate of them). This is clear in our working policies. In cases where late deliveries occur, we aspire to return money because it is failure. Amount of refunds will be settled by contacting the client first, and to the best of both sides. We also inform clients in time when meeting deadline appears impossible, and then arrange for a suitable solution/option.

Where you forfeit rights of getting revision even after approving order, we may consider refunding money, if completion did not benefit at all. We want clients to know that has low record of refunds because of being very responsible. We encourage and invest in communication between writers, clients and our support staff to minimize such inconveniences.

However, for purposes of settling non-genuine cases, cannot refund money, where there is prove that you benefited from ordered (and subsequently delivered) paper.