4119BEUG: Structures and Materials

4119BEUG: Structures and Materials

4119BEUG: Structures and Materials

Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Coursework Title: Structures Report
Module Name: Structures and Materials
Module Code: 4119BEUG
Level: 4
Credit Rating: 24
Weighting: 15%
Maximum mark available: 100
Lecturer: Dr Clare Harris
Contact: If you have any issues with this coursework you may contact your lecturer.
Contact details are:
Email: c.b.harris@ljmu.ac.uk
Room: 302 Peter Jost Enterprise Centre
Hand-out Date: 29th September 2015
Hand-in Date: 8th December 2015
Hand-in Method: Avril Robarts Library
Feedback Date: 15 working days after hand-in date (7th January 2016)
Feedback Method: Individual Written
Programmes: BEng/MEng Civil Engineering
The experimental laboratory investigations will be carried out in small student groups – information
about group allocation and laboratory schedule shall be given during the introduction to the
module. Please note group allocation may alter during the year and you must regularly check the
updated information on Blackboard in association with any timetable amendments on the LJMU

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