A Solution for Food Insecurity

A Solution for Food Insecurity

Pre-College English II 095 – Research Essay

Solutions for Food Insecurity


You will write a five-page research essay in the third person that analyzes one approach to ending food insecurity in America. You will construct a provable thesis, write an outline, write a rough draft, have it peer edited, and submit a final copy on paper in MLA format. (300 points)


Thesis (FL of FLOWER):

The thesis will be adapted from the following model. You will choose one item inside each set of brackets and fill in the blank with the solution you propose to discuss.

One way to reduce food insecurity for [people, children, women, specific ethnic group, Americans, etc.] is _________________________ although even this solution [has its drawbacks, is not perfect, has its limitations, etc].

You will type your thesis and bring it to class on Wednesday, November 18. (20 points)



Outline (O of FLOWER):

You will submit a formal, typed outline for the paper on Friday, November 20. (50 points)


Rough Draft (W of FLOWER):

You will type a rough draft of your five-page paper. The essay will have an introduction, at least ten body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The body paragraphs will provide support for the assertion that you make in your thesis. You will use quotations or paraphrases in each of the body paragraphs. You will prepare a Works Cited page with a minimum of five sources, one of which must be A Place at the Table.

The typed rough draft will be brought on paper to class on Monday, December 7, for peer editing. The second draft will be brought to class on Wednesday, December 9, for additional peer editing. (100 points)


Editing (E of FLOWER):

Your essay will be edited in class by two classmates on separate days. It can also be edited by others who are capable writers.


Revision (R of FLOWER):

After reviewing the comments that your peer editors have made, you will revise the draft, correct all mistakes, run spell check, and print out the final draft. If you disagree with the peer editor’s comments, you may disregard them if you are sure that your original way is preferable.


Final Research Essay:

The final, typed five-page research essay will be handed to Professor Kelley in class on Friday, December 11. It will conform to the criteria for MLA-style papers. (300 points)


Lateness:         Late papers will not be accepted.






This structure for this research paper is as follows:



  • Begin with a sentence relevant to your topic that will capture the reader’s attention. It can be a statistic, an anecdote, a shocking fact, etc.
  • Explain the problem with food insecurity in the area and in the population about which you are writing. Give statistics and information that show that it is a problem worthy of discussing in a research paper.
  • Present your thesis statement.


Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs will explain how your solution can work to end food insecurity in the area and population that you have chosen. You will quote or paraphrase from A Place at the Table and at least four other sources to show that this solution is widely accepted as a workable solution to the food insecurity problem in the population you are discussing. If you find a source with which you disagree, be sure to include it and explain why you believe it to be wrong. Use signal words to introduce your quotations.

The aspects of the solution will be thoroughly explained in two or three logical paragraphs. You will point out problems with these aspects as you mention them.You will use transitional words between paragraphs and to move from one idea to the next in your essay.



The conclusion will summarize the major points of your solution and explain convincingly why it should be tried even if it is imperfect. You need to acknowledge opposing opinions and explain why these can be disregarded or overcome.


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