a widespread perception

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There is a widespread perception (grounded in reality) that students simply do not read for college courses anymore. This is unacceptable. We may well be in transition to a world in which the new media (e.g. podcasts, blogs, audio books) supersede traditional media (e.g. books), but we are not there yet. Moreover, if you’re interested in credibly calling yourself an educated person fit for a career as evidenced by your degree, you need to cultivate strong reading skills.
The reading content of this course is unusual. There are two reasons for this: one, I believe many mainstream textbooks underserve the student by presenting information in a way that is misleadingly simple; you’d be better off reading Wikipedia if you want an Encyclopedic rundown of terms. The second is that I believe softback books are more approachable and a much better deal than conventional textbooks. You might dread cracking open a giant 13
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