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Please read the instruction properly and please finish it by the deadline. This paper is about the ongoing case of Apple inc vs Pepper. There are plenty of links about this topic on google. this link can be helpful as well. The instructions are down below. Thank you  (The company would be Apple inc vs Pepper) Find a company going through a recent legal battle (think about product defect, employment law, intellectual property etc). At the time you write this paper this case should be on-going and not decided. Choose a subject matter of law that you feel comfortable with.  In order to write this paper become the lawyer for one side of the dispute. Research and write the paper from that point of view.  Analyze the following in sections:  Part 1 (10 points): Summary of the case: Research and discuss the charges being brought. What are the factual claims being brought? Who are the Plaintiffs and what is their story? Give us the procedure so far and the legal issues being raised.  Part 2 (10 points) : Research the area of law in dispute. Look at the statues/cases on point. Investigate the purpose behind the laws.  Part 3 (10 points): Discuss the areas of worry that the company should have.  Part 4 (20 points): Write a statement to the company presenting the strongest argument in their favor. Use the laws to help you. Speak to your client not as a fellow attorney, but as a business. Explain the strengths of the case in terms they will understand. You may start the statement as you would a letter directly to the company. 

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