Assignment 2: PM article Review Your Name University Canada West HRMT 620: Human Resource Management Instructor

Assignment 2: PM article Review (Add name of article here)

Your Name
University Canada West
HRMT 620: Human Resource Management
Instructor Name
Due Date, 20XX
(Present the study you are reviewing, name the design, and briefly explain the study. See the example abstract below, which you may use as a guide.) 
This article, Insert Title Here, employs a [insert name of the quantitative design (e.g. experimental, correlational, quasi-experimental)] design and investigates …. using a sample of…. . 

Indicate the journal article selected
Surname, Initial., Surname, Initial., & Surname, Initial. (Year). Title of journal article with no caps. Title of Journal, Volume number (issue number), page numbers.

Statement of Problem
[What is the research problem being addressed, and what are the specific research question(s)? What are the researchers trying to do? Why?]. What is your goal? How will you use this article to guide practice. 
Literature Review
[Briefly describe relevant research that guided or precipitated this study. Include citations.  Note: this should not be an exhaustive restatement of the article’s introduction; just summarize the key theory or empirical findings that provide the background and rationale for the study being reviewed.] 
Hypotheses To Be Tested
[What are the hypotheses of this study? What did the researchers predict they would find?] 
[Note: the content under each of these headings should be one or two lines.]
[Who were the participants (demographics), and how were they recruited/selected?]
[Briefly make note of the materials/measures that were used to assess the variables and to assess reliability and validity.]
[Briefly describe the procedure – what was done in the study?]
[Name the primary statistical design(s) employed. How were the data analyzed? What inferential analyses were performed? Which statistics and/or tests of significance were used?]
[Briefly describe the main findings (include numerical values where appropriate).]
Implications for HRM-
[What are the implications of the findings? Support your assertions with citations from the text and additional references where possible.]
(Please note this is the most important section of your paper. Use further research to develop this section)
 [Summarize the main results with reference to the original hypotheses.  To what extent were the hypotheses supported by the findings?]
Interpretation and Application
[Are the conclusions made by the author(s) warranted? What are the possible alternative explanations of the results? What are the strengths of the study? What was done well? What are the weaknesses/limitations of the study? Incorporate your knowledge of course-related concepts in your discussion of these questions (e.g., can the results guide practice, were they based on latest HR theories and ideas).  Support your claims with material from the text and other scholarly references, as appropriate.]
For Further Study
[Recommend what should be done next in this area.  How can this work be followed up or extended?]

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