How do you believe Clark Atlanta will prepare you for future leadership?

How do you believe Clark Atlanta will prepare you for future leadership?

Clark Atlanta will prepare you for future leadership
Clark Atlanta will prepare you for future leadership

Clark Atlanta will prepare you for future leadership Sample One

New life is like a blank piece of paper that doesn’t have any color or pattern on it. Your artwork begins to develop as you grow and age, with each event and memory adding more elements. I enjoy writing. My life has been lived through my words; my words are my paintbrush. I want to be heard through my writing. Attending CAU will prepare me for future leadership by instilling in me new traits and attributes.

Attending CAU will help me mentally, emotionally, and academically prepare for my future. Every year I spend at CAU will bring me closer to my ambitions. My major at CAU will be psychology, and my minor will be journalism. CAU will strengthen my voice, preparing me for future leadership. My writing is a way for me to express myself, and only those closest to me can understand what I’m saying. However, the programs offered by CAU will broaden my voice, re-creating it in a language that everyone can comprehend. Going to CAU will be a new experience for me, taking me away from the environment I have known my entire life. As a future leader, I must be able to stand alone, engage effectively with others, work with strangers, and have great communication skills. These skills can be shaped, molded, and defined by CAU. If I attend CAU, I will have to leave my friends and family in Houston, Texas. I know there will be times when I want to give up and turn around, but not having a support system nearby increases the likelihood of this happening. CAU has been my first option since I was twelve years old. I know deep down that I must muster the courage to stay and not squander a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. CAU will prepare me for future leadership by forcing me to stand on my own and leave my crutches at home.

CAU is a historically black college, and I know it will be full of diverse personalities and people with many ideologies and ways of thinking. Tolerating ignorant people is a challenge I will have to face and overcome. If I can overcome this challenge on school, I can overcome it in a professional job, and this is just another way CAU has prepared me for my future.

CAU can prepare me for future leadership in a variety of ways. 500 words are insufficient. In the future, if I can reach out to at least one person through my words or efforts and prevent them from making the same mistakes I did. One of my life goals will be accomplished, and CAU will be the reason why, because the teachers, memories, and experiences have walked beside me and prepared me for my future step by step.

Being at CAU will help to brighten my picture by adding a few more details, shaping my future, and preparing me for future leadership. The only thing missing is the “WELCOME” entrance letter.

Preparing for future leadership Sample Two

African American females made up only 2% of medical doctors in the United States as of January 7th, 2016. Two percent is a depressing number for the majority of black women, but I am confident that Clark Atlanta University will enable me to become a part of this growing percentage. Clark Atlanta University, along with other young black ladies, is my ticket to a profession. Receiving my doctorate from a historically black college (HBCU) would exceed my aspirations while expanding my knowledge and advancing my leadership responsibilities in society. Learning at a university founded on historically black leaders will provide me with a platform to lead African American girls in society today.

Beginning my job at Clark brings me one step closer to my long-term ambition of working in the medical industry. Specifically, achieving these objectives will offer a positive example for other young black women to emulate. Being a role model for African American women is another area where my leadership abilities could be enhanced. Despite the fact that I will be an undergraduate, I intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree in science and continue my study till I obtain my Ph.D. With this information, I can enhance people’s health while also saving the lives of those in my community, thanks to the education this university has to offer.

I am aware that I will face difficult challenges and barriers, but I am confident that with the assistance your university provides, I will be able to do whatever comes my way. I strive for success on a daily basis, and as a student in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) academy, I was well equipped to take on the challenge of attending the challenging courses this university offers. After seeing the campus, I can say that I am at ease with the ambiance and surroundings.

Clark Atlanta University values and respects the black community and culture. Growing up as a black female has led some to believe that I am incapable of achieving my goals in life. My race and sexual orientation should not be utilized to define my social standing or what I can contribute to the medical industry. Attending this university will allow me to spread out and pursue my passions. Clark Atlanta University will prepare me for success by improving my learning and expanding my knowledge as I enter adulthood.

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