Bsa/310 week 5 | Business & Finance homework help

Your company has been hired as consultants for Bubble Films, a Hollywood, California-based company that produces documentary films. The company has 150 employees located in three states. Roughly 20% of the employees work virtually from home. Bubble Films has 200 personal computers, five servers, and one mainframe computer. You are charged with making recommendations for the following categories of software:
Financial software: accounting and cost analysisBusiness intelligence software
Your deliverable must be a 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.
For each category, provide the following information:
Type of softwareList of vendors and products reviewed, from at least three categoriesProduct selectedReason the product was selectedBrief description of the software, including cost: Discuss the possibility of integrating with other software being recommended.Advantages and disadvantages of using the softwareInformation about the vendor: How long have they been in business? How large are they in terms of number of employees, revenues, and so on? What is their reputation?
The first slide must serve as the title page, the second slide must contain an executive summary, and the final slide must list APA formatted references. All slides must contain speaker notes.

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