Case study report/interpreting results/ solution and intervention

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Im looking for help on this case study. Use of bellcurve required.. Result interprete results and find interventions and solutions.. Experience would be appeciated..
Description:  You will be given a case study.  The case study will include information about tests that were administered to a student. You are to write a report interpreting the test results, including an explanation of how the student’s performance on the tests would impact them in the educational setting. If you were this individual’s counselor what would you need to do to help them based on what you read in the report? What interventions could be put in place to help increase this person’s success rate in the educational setting? Also included must be considerations you would make when planning the student’s academic schedule as well as future career exploration ideas.  What recommendations do you have for your client for their home environment and for the family? Your paper must be double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, New Times Roman. All sources must be cited in APA format and it must be a minimum of 4 full pages long not including the cover and reference page
Questions to ask and think about? Based on the test scores and background information, why is penelope not doing her class work or homework? What is wrong with Penelopey? How does it impact her school setting? How will it impact her when it comes to choosing a career?  What can the school do for penelope to help her with this problem? How can you as a counselor help her?       Look at how to make adjustments for her, her fanily, and for school  and what support to give all three of them. Furthermore, what kind of daily adjustment to give all in school or out of school. How to do all that with her career plans, how to get her a career and career path going?

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