1.      Describe the concept and its impact on practice and develop a research question related to the concept or phenomenon.  Present the concept, background literature and your research question in the introductory section of your paper.

2.    Describe the process for your literature search, keywords, Boolean terms, exclusion and inclusion criteria for your chosen articles.  The description of your literature search must be detailed enough that another researcher could duplicate your process and yield similar results.  Your research question should be narrow enough that you are able to fairly exhaustively find the literature available on your topic of interest.  At least 10 professional articles are required and of those, five must be research (as opposed to expert opinion articles).   These articles must have been published within the last five years.

3.    Utilize and describe a Research Framework to support your approach to the literature. Describe and cite sources supporting your choice of research framework to guide your review.  Integrate your Framework through your synthesis and recommendations for practice.

4.    Review of the literature and Synthesis of the concepts.  This review includes the critical analysis process you learned in this class.  Please use Schmidt and Brown, Chapter 15, as a guide in doing your critical analysis.   Your analysis as conducted in weekly discussions is only part of the process, as now you must synthesize the literature related to the concept/issue of concern and discuss it in new and unique ways while still citing your sources.

5.    Also, include a table/matrix of your studies with the following headings.  Submit the table/matrix in a separate file (Word, Excel, or pdf file – Word or pdf preferred) – so that the material in this table does not interfere with your paper’s TurnItIn score:

a.    Source/Title of Research
b.    Purpose/Problem
c.    Sample
d.    Concepts
e.    Design
f.    Instrument(s)
g.    Results
h.    Implications for Advanced
i.    Practice Nursing
j.    Comments

List the studies in the table/matrix in the order of evidence hierarchy, with the rationale for

6.    Describe/discuss how the evidence-based research literature reviewed impacts the care of clients in your area of advanced practice.  Be sure to cite in this section all the specific studies related to your stated implications.

7.    Describe/discuss recommendations for use in an advanced practice specialty practice area supported by the evidence-based research literature.  Be sure to cite in this section all the specific studies related to your stated recommendations.

8.    Use APA 6th ed. format concerning title page, running head, abstract, headings, citations, references, and organization of the paper (this includes use of Times New Roman 12 cpi font).  Per APA, correct use of grammar, sentence construction, spelling, syntax, and so forth.

9.    Submit your paper and matrix in a MS Word or pdf file to the drop box in the Assignment area.

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