Climate change seems to have a significant impact to our communities.  When there is a lack of water (i.e. drough

Climate change seems to have a significant impact to our communities.  When there is a lack of water (i.e. drought) communities are vulnerable. In this paper you are asked to provide a critical evaluation of the impacts of droughts. As engineers what can we do to reduce the impacts from droughts.
Task:  Develop an Annotated Bibliography which contains a minimum of 3 sources.  Cite the sources using the ASCE citation styleLinks to an external site..  The annotated bibliography is a minimum of two paragraphs per source. 
Your annotation should include:

An identification of the type of source (peer review, journal proceedings, popular, newspaper article, ebook, video, website, etc…), which should include the citation in ASCE format.
A summary (annotation) of what the source is about (this includes the main points of the source).
An explanation of how you plan to use this source to support your position

Your bibliography must be submitted as a *.pdf through blackboard.
Example of Annotated Bibliography: Doe, J. (2009). “Applications of realist political theory.” Journal of  Political Theory, 99(12), 304-310. ​
Doe, an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Bratislava, argues that despite developments in constructivist international theory, realism is still the best paradigm for understanding International Relations (IR). Doe takes five principle assertions from classical realism and modern constructivism and applies them to three prominent events in recent IR: the attacks on the U.S.S. Cole, the 9/11 attacks and the war in Iraq. Doe determined that since realism puts greater emphasis specifically on the given nature of the world stage, realism is more useful and more correct than constructivism. ​
While Doe’s analysis is useful, the study does not sufficiently answer why a political theory emphasizing a given nature of international relations is more ideal than a theory that does not emphasize it. Regardless, the definitions of realism and constructivism, as well as the general principles behind the methodology, are the most useful aspects of this article, even if its execution of the methodology is poor. I will use Doe’s definitions of realism and constructivism in my own research.

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