Counseling technique written paper (graduate level-professional)

Due  Tomorrow Tuesday 02/28/17 by 10:00 PM No exceptions or exceptions. This is an important paper so no plagerism and needs to be done on a professional Graduate level. If it is not done accordingly I will ask for refund immediatley. Must be available at all times so incase its needs to be revised.
This paper is to be 7-8 pages. Not including title or reference page. Must have at least three references.) Choose a therapeutic technique we either discussed or practiced in class, OR one you’ve researched. On Page One Practice the activity with a child, adolescent or family. On page two, document the “session” in a DAP note.  On page three to page 6 follow this with a reflection on your responses/process.  Page 7-8 Include goals or objectives your technique does/could address, developmental considerations, any theoretical influences affecting your approach and challenges and success you experienced. –
It is on Art therapy Technique The child is my niece Faythe
First page is the technique being done with Faythe
Second Page Is the DAP Note (See the following website or goggle it or both your call)
Page three-six is Reflection of the process/responses
Page 7 is the Goals and Plans for Faythe
Any Questions ask please!!
Thank You

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