Crisis Action Plan Course Work Sample

Managing clients’ complaints is one of the crucial parts of managers’ work. The situation that Mr.Ward and his family experienced, when coming to Colonnade hotel, needs through analysis and elaboration of a crisis action plan. The first point of the plan is careful examination of client’s complaint that finds its reflection in several sources, such as the email the client sent to the management of the hotel and his posts on Twitter and TripAdvisor (Newmann&Kimes, n.d.). Secondly, the management should formulate the consequences of the situation for the hotel image and its popularity among clients. It is important not to underestimate the importance of having positive feedbacks about the hotel on social networking sites and other Internet resources, as potential clients often utilize e-sources to choose the place to stay.

The aim of crisis action plan needs to be clearly defined with respect to above-mentioned consequences of potential clients’ learning the experience of Mr.Ward and his family. So, further communication with the client needs to be aimed at improving his opinion about the hotel and encouraging him to share nice impressions on social networking resources.

Thus, the hotel management needs to reinforce communication with the client, compensate the losses the client has experienced and overcome his expectations. So, when communicating the client, the management needs to explain to him that the situation his family and he previously experienced was called forth by miscommunication of different branches of management in the hotel. Secondly, it is necessary to invite the whole family back to the hotel. It is still possible to offer additional nights. Finally, the hotel can offer a surprise, for instance, organize a festive evening for the whole family. This party needs to look as the one, specially designed for these guests and include free items, such as drinks.

The email to Mr.Ward can look as follows:

Dear Mr.Ward,

I am writing to you to present my apologies for the highly ambiguous situation your family and you encountered, having come to Colonnade Hotel and Resort. After having carefully examined your complaint, I would like to state that the situation you encountered was a case of miscommunication and improper operation of electronic support systems. At that day the database of our future guests was not available for receptionists, and the manager they contacted has also failed to enter the database of our guests.

Acknowledging out fault, we would like to invite you to spend the rest of your holiday to Colonnade Hotel and Resort, according to your booking. Your family and you can also enjoy an opportunity to stay in our hotel for an additional week for free at the same rooms that you have already booked. Finally, the management and staff of Colonnade Hotel and Resort have prepared a festive surprise, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of your parents’ marriage and the family’s coming together. On Sunday, 15th May your family is invited for a festive evening, organized specially for you. Please, feel free to invite up to 20 people, and enjoy an entertaining event, free drinks and Italian cuisine.

Looking forward to seeing your family and you in Colonnade Hotel and Resort as soon as you may have the opportunity to come.


Pat Fielding, General Manager of
the Colonnade Hotel and Resort


Newman, A., Kimes, S. (n.d.) Colonnade Hotel and Resort. Retrieved 11 April 2014 from

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