CW1: Management, Leadership and Change

CW1: Management, Leadership and Change

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Assignment format and other relevant instructions to students: Specify whether it is a group or individual assignment, the word length and any abnormal submission instructions.
Write a 3000 word (+/-10%) report concerning the management and leadership styles adopted in the air transport industry and how they have influenced change.
This assignment tests the following Learning Outcomes for the module:Delete any that do not apply and ensure that alternative instructions are entered in the box above.

  1. Critically assess the importance of good leadership and management in the smooth and productive operation of an organisation.


  1. Discuss critically the approaches to change in the context of management styles.


  1. Rationally argue the case for the adoption of different approaches to leadership and management dependent upon people, contexts and vision.
The Assignment Task:
Students are required to consider the air transport industry: airlines, airports, manufacturers, regulators and any other pertinent organisations. The management styles adopted within at least one of these organisations are to be evaluated through use of appropriate sources, specifically linking the various approaches to recognised management theory. Students should research the history of their chosen organisation and discuss how it has developed and changed over the years and how that change has been managed.

The report should include appraisal of the various styles of management adopted, how successful they have been and why they have succeeded or failed. Students should also present any arguments for organisations to change their style of management.


Students should structure their report to include a title page, an introduction of no more than 750 words and an appropriately titled main body of text, making use of sub-headings as appropriate. A brief summary should be evident.


References should be presented using the Harvard style, both in the text and references list; there should be at least five different sources, three of which should be non-internet based.


Assessment Criteria
  1. Presentation, structure, references, spelling and grammar – 15%


  1. An appropriate introduction of no more than 750 words – 15%


  1. Evidence of secondary research from at least five sources concerning an appropriate aviation organisation, demonstrating critical evaluation of how it has changed over time and how that change has been managed – 30%


  1. Evaluation of the different management styles adopted in different air transport industries, with specific discussion on management theory – 40%


 University Generic Undergraduate Degree Grade Descriptors can be found on the University website in the document ‘Assessment of Students- Appendix 1’

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