Dermatological conditions in a pediatric patient Research Paper

Dermatological conditions in a pediatric patient Research Paper

Assessment, diagnostic testing, and management of dermatological conditions in a pediatric patient ¥ Assessment and evaluation of rashes, excoriation, and itching in pediatric patients ¥ Assessment and evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries and limps in pediatric patients After completing your research, consider this scenario: Jordyn is a two-year-old child who presents to your practice with her new foster parent. She has been in a communal-type holding center for the past week. Foster mother notes that she has a very itchy rash that is keeping her up at night. So the foster mother tried some hydrocortisone on it, but it seems to be getting worse. The remainder of her medical history is not available. She has been with this foster parent for two days, and the foster mother noticed these symptoms on the first day upon her arrival. You are presented with an otherwise well-appearing child who seems relatively uncomfortable with continuous scratching on her extremities. Her vital signs are normal. The rash is a pinpoint papular rash on her extremities that is in a linear pattern. There are areas of excoriation from her scratching the rash, particularly in her antecubital fossa. Answer the following question: ¥ What would you consider as differential diagnoses and why? Based on the presentation here, what would you consider being the final diagnosis, and what is your recommended plan of treatment and management? What physical exam findings support your final diagnosis? REFERENCE NO MORE THAN 5 YEARS

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