Describe in detail the content pillars (products, events, customers stories, promotions, contests, live video etc.), content types (short video, long video, GIFs, images, infographics), as well as creative guidelines (preferred colours, fonts, logos). Include examples where possible.

Please create a hypothetical brand for your playbook. After you have conceptualized a brand, you will create a social media playbook using powerpoint. The playbook should include the following sections:
Brand Identity: In this section you should discuss topics including personas, brand voice, and tone.
Best Practices: In this section you must identify how your brand will participate on social media platforms. You should include SLA times (how long it takes your community manager to respond to comments/questions), as well as publishing best practices i.e. how often will you publish content, should content include copy, should content include images/video, should tag certain individuals/companies/brands etc.

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