Discussion 4 | BIO 210 | Southern New Hampshire University

 : Submit a draft of your final PowerPoint presentation based on the information that you identified in Milestones One and Two to the discussion board  to be reviewed by your fellow classmates. You will also provide a review for at least two other classmates’ draft presentations. Use the critical element  information in the final project document for your evaluations. The purpose of this peer review in this course is not only to help your classmate to improve his or  her presentation, but to strengthen your own critical-thinking abilities by providing constructive reviews of others’ work. The basis of your response is evaluated  for the critical elements described below and in the grading rubric. Remember, this rubric assesses your performance in this activity, not the material of your  peers. This milestone will be submitted in Module Five.  Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:  1. Strengths: Provide feedback on the strengths of the peer’s presentation, explaining your reasoning using specific and relevant details. 2. Improvements: Provide feedback on aspects of the peer’s presentation that could be improved, using a positive tone and providing concrete  suggestions.  3. Responses to classmate presentation: Respond to questions or comments from your peers on your review of their work.  4. Responses to own presentation: Respond to the reviews of your own presentation, asking for clarification and/or answering questions and  specifically addressing comments.  

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