Doc 700 research resources scavenger hunt

Research Resources Scavenger Hunt
For this assignment you will be introduced to the University of Phoenix Research Hub. This website includes a variety of research resources designed to support your research efforts throughout your program.
Visit the Research Hub at
Complete the Research Resources Scavenger Hunt.
1.     Name the nine University of Phoenix Research Centers.
2.     True or False? Proposed research activities that utilize UOPX students, faculty, staff, or data must be submitted to the Committee on Research (COR) using a formal Proposal to Conduct Research form.
3.     What is the function of the University of Phoenix Institutional Review Board (IRB)?
4.     Identify three topic areas included in the Video Resources.
5.     Watch one video included in the Video Resources. Provide a brief summary of the video content. Additionally, explain (1) how the content might benefit you in your program and (2) when you might use such a resource.
6.     Review the Blog section in the Center for Global Business Research. Summarize the content of one of the blog posts. How can blogs within the research center help you as a doctoral student in your research efforts? If you could respond to the blog, what would your response be?
7.     Select a faculty profile from the Directory & Faculty Profiles section. Identify your selected faculty member’s name, research center affiliation, courses taught, and ongoing/current research.
8.     Which of the nine University of Phoenix Research Centers do you believe would best support your current and future research efforts as a doctoral student? Why?
9.     Using the University Library, locate a published study in your area of interest. Provide a brief summary of your study. Determine from which University of Phoenix Research Center this study would have originated had it been published by a UOPX faculty member. Justify your
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