Does Coca-Cola have any sustainable competitive advantages? If so, what are they?

Case Assignment
After you have familiarized yourself Soda Production in the U.S contents, (be sure that you review all pages on the Soda industry), perform some additional and more current research in the library on Coca-Cola (use trade journals, newspaper articles, and magazines). Be sure that you review the company’s most recent 10-K report as well, located at
Then, in a well-written 4 full -pages paper, do the following:
Perform an assessment of Coca-Cola’s external environment, identifying key opportunities and threats, by doing the following:
Complete an analysis of Coca-Cola’s external environment using Porter’s Five Forces.
Using the Function Approach to Internal Analysis, identify key strengths and weaknesses at Coca-Cola by performing an in-depth internal analysis of the company. Use what you have learned in previous courses to perform your analysis. At a minimum, evaluate the following functional areas:
Accounting/Finance: Include your analysis of at least three (3) key financial ratios (if you need a resource, see: Drake, P. (n.d.). Financial Ratio Analysis. Retrieved from
Human Resources
Operations Management
After you have completed your Internal and External analyses, prepare a table in which you clearly show the most important strengths and weaknesses of the company, and the most salient opportunities and threats currently facing the Coca-Cola Company.
Conclude your analysis by answering the following:
Does Coca-Cola have more strengths or weaknesses? Explain.
Does Coca-Cola have more opportunities or threats? Explain.
Does Coca-Cola have any sustainable competitive advantages? If so, what are they?

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