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Setting: The incident took place four hundred years ago in Radian, a bustling town in West Asia. Most of the people in this town were either traders, or agriculturists. Since this town was on the shipping route connecting Asia with Europe, and America, it was also a place where ships docked for trading and to rest. The town was also known to attract people of other towns and cities from far away, as it was also a center of arts and science. It is believed that Alexander the Great, on his way to conquer Asia, spent a month here. It was perhaps the most prosperous town in the Mediterranean region. Radian was situated 130 miles south of Patliputra, the capital of Talkistan, a remote kingdom along the Dead Sea, and 1700 miles to the north-west of Dtrischy.

Situation: Captain Sandy at the helm when H.M.S. Jezebel set sail to Radian. He had set sail from Dtrischy; an island in the middle of the Pacific, with a container that had labels stuck on all sides of the container that read, ‘Dangerous.’ The container also had arrow marks pointing upward indicating how the container should be placed. The container was the only cargo aboard H.M.S. Jezebel, ad this was to be Captain Sandy’s last voyage before he retired. No one, including Captain Sandy knew what was in the container that Mr. McNamara wanted Captain Sandy to ship to Polishoe, a deserted Island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Captain Sandy’s crew was also unaware of what was in the container, and didn’t question their captain, in whom, they had belief and respected. The container was approximately 7 feet tall and weighed close to three tons. Sandy wasn’t too keen on taking the anonymous cargo on board his ship, but since he was retiring shortly, and wanted to give his crew and his family a parting gift, he had agreed to sail a final time.

Conflict: The decision to undertake this trip was taken after Sandy had gone home for his daughter, Christie’s 21st birthday. Sandy had just come back from a long, four-month rendezvous, and he and his crew, were tired, and looking forward to a long break. Had it not been for Mr. McNamara’s extremely attractive offer, Captain sandy would not have lured his tiring crew to undertake this journey, but as it turned out, it was an offer, he or his crew, could refuse.

Sanders’ dilemma:

– He didn’t know whether to go out to sea again at such short notice without giving himself, or his crew, the rest they needed.
– He wanted to spend some time with his family, but when he was offered a hefty package to take a consignment to Polishoe, he didn’t know whether to order his already tired, burned-out crew, or to hire a fresh set of hands to take up this profitable journey.
– Why should someone approach him with such a huge pay to carry a single container from Dtrischy, a small island in the middle of the Pacific? Was it worth taking the risk, he thought
– Should he, as captain of the ship, refuse the offer and stay home with his family before going back to sea? After all, he hadn’t seen his family in a long time, and he would enjoy their company.

Sandy decides to go ahead, and take the offer from Mr. McNamara. He feels that his own crew would be better served, than look to hire fresh, inexperienced hands for the trip.

They set sail on the appointed day, leaving Dtrischy with the consignment Mr. McNamara wanted them to carry to Polishoe.
They have to pass Radian and Captain Sandy prepares to dock near Port Calfu, the only port in Radian. However, the ship enters rough seas just off the shore of Calfu, and the ship is tossed violently.

Its dark, and despite the crew’s effort to dock, the ship is forced into a collision course with land.

A lot of commotion takes place aboard the ship, and there are orders given by anyone and everyone to act to save the ship from disaster (extra-personal conflict)

Captain Sandy wants his crew to listen and follow his instructions, but finds that he doesn’t have the voice to give orders (Inner conflict).
The Captain is confused and shocked by what he sees in front of him (inner-personal conflict). The ship is hurtling toward land and everything goes topsy-turvy. In minutes, the ship crashes into a barge with a thundering sound.
There is frenzy as men and women (?) cry out in anguish and fear. Then there is eerie silence.

The cargo container breaks and Captain Sandy, lying under the container, feels the chill and smell the stench of decay fill the air. He tries to scream, but his voice is choked by the gush of warm blood spilling out of his mouth.

What could have happened to Captain Sandy, and where was his crew? What was in the container that made Captain Sandy try to scream?
Outcome: The audience might have guessed that Captain Sandy died because the container fell on top of him, but the truth is that he died a more terrible death; his heart had been ripped off. None of the crew members survived the disaster, and only two bodies were found, one of which was that of Captain Sandy. The whole town seemed deserted, except for a woman. She started walking toward the camera, at first slowly, and then a little faster as though she was now gliding over the earth. And when she came close

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