ECO33.assignment1: Economics

ECO33.assignment1: Economics

Please write an essay of approximately 1000 words on the following topic:

Summarize Adam Smith’s discussion of the division of labor in Chapter 1 of the Wealth of Nations. What does Smith mean by the division of labor, and what role does it play in his account of economic development?

The essay should be typewritten and double-spaced. You will be graded on clarity and thoughtfulness. Your essay should indicate to me that you have read the chapter, reflected upon it and absorbed the basic ideas in it. You can draw upon other sources, but these should be cited appropriately. If you are unclear about how to cite the work of others, please go to the Writing Center on the ground floor of the Library and ask. I most definitely do NOT want to receive an essay that consists mainly of text cut & pasted from the Internet; such an approach will earn you a poor grade.

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