Environmental Analysis and Long-Term Objectives

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Question # 1 Current Global Event
Please write one articles from a legitimate business publication or mass market media source concerning a global event and its impact on geopolitical outlooks, business climate or strategic planning. Then provide your opinion on the material and its effects on our world and lives.
Question # 2     
This week we are looking at external data and internal data…the foundation of a SWOT. I am curious what data sources are available to your organization in order to perform an environmental analysis? How reliable is this data?
Question # 3
How has your organization’s primary competitor taken advantage of favorable conditions in its internal and external environment? Has this created competitive advantage for the competitor? Why or why not?
Question # 4
What are some of the preliminary objectives that you may think of for the organization that is subject of your plan? How did you receive these objectives? What are the key success factors for achieving these objectives?
Pearce II, J. A., & Robinson, R. (2004). Strategic Management: Formulation, Implementation and Contol (9th ed.). : The McGraw−Hill.

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