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According to the U.S. Justice Department, in 2003 about 10.4% of all African American men between the ages of 25 to 29 were incarcerated, as compared to 2.4% of Hispanic men and 1.2% of nonHispanic White men. What is going on here? Why are Black men in this age group so much more likely to be in jail than are people of White or Latino descent?(Project Proposal ) Research the incidents of criminal prosecution, convictions, prison sentences, and time served by race and ethnicity for all three�African American, Hispanic, and White men. What factors or variables are associated with who gets involved in crime, why, and what happens to them in the criminal justice system? Also look into how many judges, lawyers, and lawmakers are White compared with those who are African American. What does this tell us about structured inequality?(Project Proposal )
This week your Course Project topic proposal is due. Below are the guidelines for this proposal:
1)Your proposal should be about a page in length, double-spaced. Include an APA-formatted title page.(Project Proposal )
2)Choose from one of the four topic scenarios provided in the Course Project description under Course Home.(Project Proposal )
3)Explain which topic scenario you selected, why you chose it, and why this topic is important to the study of cultural diversity.(Project Proposal )
4)Briefly discuss what you expect to find (or what you would be interested in learning through your research) and how you intend to go about your research.(Project Proposal )

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