Explain whether capstone project outcomes matched your initial predictions.

Use the Intervention Feedback Form: Assessment 5 [PDF] as a guide to capturing patient, family, or group feedback about your intervention. You’ll include the feedback as part of your capstone reflection video.
Part 2
Record a 10–15 minute video reflection on your practicum experience, the development of your capstone project, and your personal and professional growth over the course of your RN-to-BSN program. A transcript of your video is not required.
You’re welcome to use any tools and software with which you are comfortable, but make sure you’re able to submit the deliverable to your faculty. Capella offers Kaltura, a program that records audio and video. Refer to Using Kaltura for more information about this courseroom tool.
Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in these activities, please contact Disability Services to request accommodations. If you’re unable to record a video, please contact your faculty as soon as possible to explore options for completing the assessment.
The assessment requirements, outlined below, correspond to the scoring guide criteria, so address each main point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed. In addition, note the additional requirements for supporting evidence.
Assess the contribution of your intervention to patient or family satisfaction and quality of life.
Describe feedback received from the patient, family, or group on your intervention as a solution to the problem.
Explain how your intervention enhances the patient, family, or group experience.
Describe your use of evidence and peer-reviewed literature to plan and implement your capstone project.
Explain how the principles of evidence-based practice informed this aspect of your project.
Assess the degree to which you successfully leveraged health care technology in your capstone project to improve outcomes or communication with the patient, family, or group.
Identify opportunities to improve health care technology use in future practice.
Explain how health policy influenced the planning and implementation of your capstone project, as well as any contributions your project made to policy development.
Note specific observations related to the baccalaureate-prepared nurse’s role in policy implementation and development.
Explain whether capstone project outcomes matched your initial predictions.
Discuss the aspects of the project that met, exceeded, or fell short of your expectations.
Discuss whether your intervention can, or will be, adopted as a best practice.
Describe the generalizability of your intervention outside this particular setting.
Assess your personal and professional growth throughout your capstone project and the RN-to-BSN program.
Address your provision of ethical care and demonstration of professional standards.
Identify specific growth areas of which you are most proud or in which you have taken particular satisfaction.
Communicate professionally in a clear, audible, and well-organized video.

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