Final project employing meta-analysis in healthcare Custom Essay

Final project employing meta-analysis in healthcare Custom Essay

You are requested to present and submit a final project employing meta-analysis in healthcare, based on the following criteria:
1. One of the objectives of the study is to assess/ determine the most common tools used to improve the overall performance of healthcare services whether on micro or macro levels.
2. The number of your keywords should range (3-5) and the word “quality” is one of them.
3. Each student has to specify ASAP one research engine.
4. The period of search should include the era between 2000-2015, with nothing less than 50 references is expected per search engine.
5. The projects must be signed by the candidate.
6. The dead-day for submission your research project is one Tuesday 1 December 2015.
7. Without references, it is expected that every member handover at least 20 pages with a single spacing paper written in a 12-Roman font style with proper headings. You MUST use Endnote APA style. Otherwise, your grade will be significantly affected.
8. The due-presentation will be assigned within the first month of studying based on students’ agreement.
9. All presentations should be equally performed using logic, effective communication skills, and an abstract distributed to his/her colleagues.
Should you have any concern, feel free to contact me during my office hours.

Individual project hints
Please refer to any research reference to read more about the steps in Meta-analysis. The sooner you contact me for guidance, the better your outcome paper is. So, hurry up and read the literaute thoroughly.
Last two weeks (14 and 15), depending on the number of enrollment, 20-30 minutes are left for each student to prove his /her comprehensive understanding and ability in dealing with “ advanced issues in TQM” . External body may attend this seminar.
You are expected to hand over materials and make the class active, your dealing with the subject must be innovative. Use any materials that attract the audience and always involve them in your dialogue- no monologue in the post-graduate studies.

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