General Reflection Assignment Information You will submit a 2-3page reflective response to ONE of the prompts bel

 General Reflection Assignment Information
You will submit a 2-3page reflective response to ONE of the prompts below. Papers should use 1.5 spacing with 1” margins with a professional font. Submissions should reflect professional, polished writing that is free from errors and typos. Deductions will occur for typos, misspellings, and incorrect grammar. Deductions will also occur for not following directions.NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO EMAILED ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Save your document as a PDF.  Be sure to review your Turnitin report before submitting to avoid any issues with plagiarism.
Your reflection should use a minimum of THREE (3) outside sources (Your textbook doesn’t count as one of your three, but you can still use it!). By “USE,” this means THERE WILL BE AT LEAST THREE UNIQUE PARENTHETICAL CITATIONS IN YOUR PAPER.Be sure to use correct APA citations for all sources of information AND attach a reference page to your submission. See syllabus for a link to the online APA resource…or ask Siri. 

Subject: My Cadillac Rewards Loyalty Program
 My Cadillac Rewards

Customer loyalty is a key aspect of branding as well as increasing a retailer’s sales and profits. For this reflection, identify a customer loyalty program for a retailer. Briefly describe the retailer (include its history, annual revenue or other pertinent financials/rankings, employee structure, product offerings, etc…) and then explain the loyalty program (e.g., What is the sign-up process? Is there a fee? What are the benefits? Does it use gamification/competition?). Finally, locate a friend, family member, or classmate that is a part of the loyalty program for this company and “interview” them about their experience. YOU CANNOT “interview” yourself. 
Some questions you could ask include:•
What motivated you to sign up?•
How long have you been a member? What have you earned/received from your membership?
•What do you see as benefits of the program?•
Does being a member of the loyalty/rewards program change your buying patterns (e.g., Would you drive across town to shop at the store for the benefits?)?
•What would you change/improve?
Summarize your findings, using quotes when possible to emphasize your most important take-aways. Be sure to include or attach examples to support your responses (e.g., screenshots of emails, loyalty point cards, marketing pieces, social media posts, etc…). This section should NOT be written in Q&A format, but rather paragraphs with occasional quotesfor emphasis. 

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