Good Day Writer, Please see the below instructions for the assignment. I will also provide the feedback from e

Good Day Writer,
Please see the below instructions for the assignment. I will also provide the feedback from each week in the below instructions. Please use US Microsoft word format and APA format. If you have any questions, please let me know. 
You are almost at the finish line; the last step in the completion of your strategic audit report is to put everything together.
You will compile your report with what you have already completed during each activity for the final strategic audit report. However, before you begin, ensure you go back and implement all of the instructor’s feedback, guidelines, and comments into each strategic audit assignment created in each module.
Part of the grade for this assignment includes your ability to implement feedback from the instructor properly. This should take several hours to do if it has not already been done. In most businesses, continual updates to a strategic audit report will be made based on an organization’s input, feedback, and suggestions which is part of the overall processes.
Complete your deliverablesProvided are the guidelines to complete your report:

Once you have updated each section based on your instructor’s feedback, compile all of the sections together as per the report outline provided within the Strategic Audit Report Guidelines.
Do not include anything extra such as a table of contents, abstract, summary, or other that is not listed as part of the report outline.
Ensure each section is identified correctly (title, numbers, and letters) as per the Strategic Audit Report Guidelines and that your sources are properly cited and referenced in current APA format.
Compile all pages of your document to submit to this assignment.

Review the Strategic Audit Report: Final Strategic Audit Report rubric for additional grading criteria.
Week 1 Feedback: Great job on your strategic audit company introduction. Please make sure to add the word References at the top of your references page in future papers.
Week 2 Feedback: You did a good job describing Southwest Airlines mission and vision statements. I like the detail you added to the profitability area but would like to see more in the investment area.   Convert your table for the board of directors to paragraphs. Your level 1 heading should be the same as your title and references should have its own stand-alone page. See the APA 7th edition example paper for the proper way to format your papers.
Week 3 Feedback: This assignment received a 29/100….There were two sections missing from your paper (natural and physical environment and explanations). Your EFAS worksheet is well done and provides lots of detail and full descriptions.
Week 4 Feedback:You did a good job describing the culture of the organization and your IFAS. I would like to see you develop your 10K analysis and summary more. What is the company’s strategic financial plan from a historical, current, and future perspective?
Week 5 Feedback: Great job! You covered the concepts well and provided very good descriptions within each section. Please the highlighted section of your paper regarding APA formatting.
Week 6 Feedback: Great job on the TOWS Analysis; however, your SFAS was lacking substantive comments. You provided a very good strategy recommendation about diversification that would serve Southwest Airlines well.
Week 7 Feedback: No response yet. 
Week 8 Feedback: No response yet. 

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