Good Example Of Essay On Learning Environment

The article is devoted to the investigation of language learning with the help of mobile application devices. The authors claim that the appearance of technology-based learning encourages the development of new methods of teaching and learning. However, it is worth to point out that many teachers and students keep rejecting the idea of technology implementation in the learning process. According to the studies conducted, technological, psychological, pedagogical and environmental barriers prevent students from the use of smartphones for the educational purposes.

Later on, the authors inform about the creation of a specialized learning environment that was aimed at simplification of the students’ use of their mobile devices. Therefore, a separate learning website was created: the layout and design of the learning environment were developed to be supported by different operating systems and browsers. Also, the authors describe the class project differentiation depending on a number of criteria that became a base for six class projects: a bio-sketch, an online discussion, YouTube video watching, Spring Break Facebook updates, YouTube video authoring and Voice Thread presentations. It is worth to highlight the fact that these projects focused on the use of personal devices as well as on cooperation with other students. The authors provide the analysis of the results gained within the scope of the study. They claim that the students who actively use their mobile devices apart from studies are more open to use them in their future classrooms. As for the class project reflections, the researchers observed the tendency for using laptops instead of mobile devices even if they were primarily registered for learning. It happened due to the matter of comfort since laptops have bigger screens, more user-friendly keyboards and even better batteries that makes the use of them more convenient comparing to the smartphones. Nevertheless, the authors conclude that the overall student feedbacks were positive even if there is a number of obstacles that require further research.

Overall, I would like to agree with the authors on the matter of the future potential of mobile technologies since they can provide new learning experiences. Despite the fact that some of the teachers are using new technologies for their classes, they should take into account the technological problems that may be faced by the students and try to eliminate them, modifying the assignments accordingly.


Kim, D., Rueckert, D., Kim, D.-J., & Seo, D. Students’ perceptions and experiences of mobile learning. Language Learning & Technology, 17(3), 52–73. Retrieved from

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