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TITLE: Children’s Health (Allergies)
Introduction: Allergies are the leading casue of chronic disease among young children in the United States and may affect as many as one in every five children.  Administering EpiPens often becomes the responsibility of the classroom teacher.  
The Assignment: You will design a poster (ONE PAGE, FRONT ONLY)  for classroom teachers that illustrates, step-by-step, how to administer an EpiPen. 
Step by step instructions should be included for administration of the EpiPen.
Be sure to include the steps for after an EpiPen is given.
Graphics should be included as well written information. 
All information, sources and pictures should be cited.
The second part of this assignment requires you to pull relevant information form NC FELD that aligns with the Health and Physical Development Domain.  What subdomain supports food related issues? What strategy could you implement that aligns with children and allergies? (Minimum of one paragraph, 5 sentences)
Grading Criteria: The student will need to ensure that they have covered all of the areas listed in the assignment.  They will also be graded on their understanding of the material covered in their text. Do not copy a poster/chart from a website and claim it as yours- you should actually make and design the poster.  
Resources: Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American-

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