Hrm 634 evaluating test vendors

 Employment test vendors often provide online in-formation about their candidate assessment instruments. First, identify a specific job and think about some of the competencies that might be assessed using some sort of test. Next, research several online vendors to identify some of the types of related tests that are available. Evalu-ate the range of information provided by these vendors for evaluating the appropriateness of using one or more of their assessments for a particular organization or set of jobs. Is reliability or validity data provided? Are any occu-pations identified as not being an appropriate application of the assessment? You should end up with at least two examples of vendors who provide good information for evaluating their products as well as two that do not. Test vendors to consider include Psionline, Hogan Assess-ment Systems, Pymetrics, ApplicantPro, Sigma Assess-ment Systems,, Wonderlic, and HireVue. If you have time, request technical documentation from some of the vendors to assess the quality of what they send. Was the test validated on an appropriate sample and not just a few high-and low-erforming employees? Are they just testimonials, or is the information based on the solid science you learned about in this chapter? 

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