Be sure to read all of these instructions. You will be held responsible for them. This essay will be written outside of class and turned in electronically to SafeAssign before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, 21 February 2016. The essay must be between 1000 and 1250 words long. Less than that will not adequately answer the question. Remember that just writing more words does not necessarily make a better essay; thought, analysis, examples and
coherent writing are what are necessary. Although most of the grade for this essay will be based on content, it will be graded on composition, grammar and compliance with MLA standards as well and should be coherent, grammatically-correct and properly spelled. This paper MUST: A. have an introduction and a conclusion, B. have a thesis statement, C. have a topic sentence for each paragraph, D. have fully developed ideas, E. use specific examples to support the thesis statement, topic sentences and your general statements, F. be grammatically correct, G. be spell checked (Failure to run the spell checker will result in the loss of 5 points when I
find a word that spell checker would have caught. This includes your Works Cited
page.), H. include in-text parenthetical citations in MLA format for paraphrased or quoted materials from the textbook or other sources, including handouts on Blackboard or in-class
handouts and class PowerPoints and lectures, I. include a separate Works Cited page in MLA format for paraphrased or quoted materials from your sources (Remember that only works that you actually use and cite within the paper are listed on a Works Cited page), J. conform to the “General Rules about Written Work” in the syllabus, K. be in MLA format, that is 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced with no extra spaces between paragraphs and with the first line of every paragraph indented ½ inch (no less than 5 spaces) (see OWL for more MLA formatting guidelines), L. have a double-spaced heading (do not forget to click on paragraph and remove the space left after a paragraph) in the upper-left corner of the first page that includes all of the following information (do not forget to put the word count): Name: Jane Q. Student Professor: Dr. Diane Brown Course: HUM 2232 Date: 21 February 2016 Word Count: 1143 (Don’t forget to put the number in when you finish the paper.) M. have a title centered above the first paragraph (Remember that you do not underline, italicize or put in quotation marks your own title unless it is the title of a work of art or story, in which case only that part of the title is underlined, italicized or put in quotations marks not the whole title of your paper.), and N. be submitted to SafeAssign before the deadline. O. Also see Grading Rubric and use it as a checklist. P. Don’t forget to include a picture of the work.
Failure to include a proper Works Cited page and citations for all borrowed material will result in
a “0” for plagiarism.
Question: Choose one artist from the following list of Proto-Renaissance and Early Renaissance artists, then choose one of that artist’s works from the list and write an 1000-1250 word essay about that work. Be sure to include: 1) a description of the work, 2) analysis of the work and the artistic ideas and techniques that are part of the work and its context, and 3) discussion of why the work is important to the Renaissance and to the development of artistic ideas/techniques that would continue to be important for centuries to come. Your description should be no more than 1/3 of the paper, and the analysis and discussion sections should be the most fully developed parts. You MUST create a clear and appropriate thesis sentence for the entire essay. You
MUST create a topic sentence for every paragraph. You MUST discuss specific details from the work of art to support your general statements. Artist: Work: Cimabue Madonna and Child in Majesty (Louvre Museum)
The Last Supper
Crucifix (Church of Santa Croce, Florence)
Flagellation Giotto In the Scrovegni (Arena) Chapel:
The Nativity
The Kiss of Judas
The Adoration of the Magi
The Last Judgment (damaged) Artist: Work: Masaccio Crucifixion (Capodimonte Museum, Naples, not the Holy Trinity)
Madonna and Child with Angels (National Gallery, London) Donatello Mary Magdalene
St. John the Evangelist
Habacuc (Zuccone) Ghiberti North Doors:
The Flagellation
Pilate Washing His Hands
The Last Supper
Entry into Jerusalem East Doors/Gates of Paradise:
Noah and the Flood
Cain and Abel Botticelli La Primavera (Springtime)
The Madonna of the Magnificat
The Madonna of the Pomegranate
The Adoration of the Magi della Francesca The Baptism of Christ
The Flagellation of Christ
The Resurrection Verrocchio David
The Baptism of Christ
Christ and St. Thomas (Orsanmichele)

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