IBA311: Strategy Pathway report information

IBA311: Strategy Pathway report information


The owner of the Restaurant calls you on the phone and asks for a definitive answer.
Specifically he wants… (you may consider your SWOT analysis)
1. What do we do from here?
2. How do we maintain a course that ensures this doesn’t happen again?
3. What might be a 12 month plan to improve the threats and make the most of the opportunites?
4. 3-4 things that need to be managed to ensure the continued success of the restaurant.
In your final report lay out a plan for the restaurant for the next 12 months.

Goal: Specifically the client wants you to present to 2-3 justified big picture ideas that the business can start to apply now. In addition they want to know how these strategies will help in the long term. Draw on your theoretical knowledge for support.

Due: Sunday – 14th February midnight (Qld time)

Weighting: 2000 words (+/- 10%); 30%

Submission: Submit through ‘Submit Assignments Here’ – TurnitIn in Word or PDF

As the unit progresses and subsequent to the Creative Syntheses on the case study, your individual management problem report will be the written document. This report is in the context of presenting a management problem report to the business owner/manager as a managementproblem consultant tasked to complete (and potentially being paid a handsome sum of money) present a succinct, credible and practical pathway forward. From this case study you follow on from the CS assessment with the management problem solving process in one of four key areas that you have been taking:

  • Strategy
  • Processes
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Corporate Social Responsibility/Ethics

IBA311 Individual report rubric



These reports are samples only. Be aware that they are good reports (Distinction) and necessarily on the same case study or assessment task, but a similar one.


GU Assignment coversheet

Title page

Executive summary (1 page – single spaced)

Table of Contents


Body (entailing sections with relevant headers)


Recommendations (this is an important section that should flow logically from the body and conclusion)

References (needs to support your theoretical and conceptual ideas)

Appendices (not mandatory but can be used – needs to be linked to your report)


  • TNR or Arial 12 point; 1.5 or double spacing
  • APA 6 reference style
  • This is for consistency and professionalism
Some more info

The problems/assumptions and why it might be so (using 5 Why’s):

Lack of hygiene awareness and care

  1. Maybe they are aware but use their energy to focus on their dumplings, which are their hit dish (according FB page/general food reviews).
  2. Potentially when going into business, it was only dumplings, but the owner wanted to extend the menu by adding noodle/rice dishes
  3. Survival of the fittest! Just dumplings will not cut it. Wante to grown his business – more money?
  4. The sky is the limit – hoping to attract many people at cheap prices. Limited his investment into good food practice for rice/noodle dishes.
  5. Needing to prove to someone he can run a diversified restaurant and is not just the ‘dumpling man’?

Still open for business and has regular customers

  1. People are friendly and some dishes are apparently delicious.
  2. The friendliness covers for the poor hygience situation, makes people at ease and wanting to come back.
  3. Its easy food, cheap and probably a good, quick local choice. Customers probably think in the ‘good of people’ and that he is truly working on putting better processes in place?
  4. Maybe not everyone has read the news and simply does not know.
  5. Good at keeping the negative publicity at a minimum.

Lack of focus on the business

  1. Maybe this restaurant is just one of many businesses he runs, hence little interest.
  2. Little interest in changing it, as perhaps he thinks at one point another restaurant will be under review and the problem will just ‘dissolve’.
  3. As many restaurants probably face similar issues, but the problems have just not made it to the news.
  4. The owner may have inherited the business, and is not too keen on it.
  5. What we perceive as a lack of focus on the business may be normal for the culture.

Strategy Problem: Absence of a clear, specific & visible strategy paired with an obvious lack of leadership as well as a mission/vision for the eatery

Assess, collect and present the threats and opportunities

– No direction/set focus, no values & beliefs in place as to how they want to run the business

– Loss of revenue due to customer decline

– High employee turnover (lack of leadership/vision/mission, low wage)

– Health & Safety issues (lack of hygiene, not meeting minimum eatery/food standards)

+ It cannot get any worse, a good starting point for a turn-around

+ No mission/vision in place, an opportunity to set a new direction

+ Publicity: possibility to cheap marketing/sales, given keen interest on ‘latest updates’ on the eatery

+ Good location, good price range

Threats that the management team need to assess immediately:

– By having no direction for the business, they are unable to resolve the identified issues.  Management need to develop a direction so that they can give the business and its employees the motivation to improve.

– The health and safety issues put the business in a position where they face the risk of litigation due to the possibility of mass food poisoning.  Without getting the business to meet standards, they will be unable to trade which will result in the indefinite closure of the business.

– The employee turnover is indicative of lack of leadership, and a bad relationship between employees and employer. If this does not improve, the business will gain a bad reputation for how it treats its staff.

Opportunities that the management team can explore as a way forward:

– With business seemingly hitting rock-bottom, they have been presented with an opportunity to re-invent themselves and the brand.

– The owners have an opportunity to take advantage of the bad publicity.  Introduce a marketing plan that demonstrates the improvements that the business has made.  Feed off the newly created interest in the business, social media events offering discounts or value meals allowing the public to taste the reinvented eatery.

– The owners need to implement a strategy to ensure that the turnover of staff is lowered, and that staff morale is raised. This will ensure that they can continue to trade and seem an attractive place to work.

Demonstrate clearly how each threat creates a real problem that needs a plan to solve it. 

– Lack of strategy/direction ensures the business will never be able to grow, improve and survive in a changing market.

– Loss of revenue will eventually force the closure of the business and potentially place the owners into administration.

– High employee turnover will prevent the business from operating smoothly, potentially forcing downtime as no one will be available to work.

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