Importance of Ethics in Nursing

Principles of Nursing Profession

Nursing ethics are an important element of the profession. All nurses must respect their patients, preserve their rights, and retain their dignity. Nurses should foster an environment of mutual trust and respect among patients and the rest of the healthcare team. Checkups and the disclosure of personal information may be part of nursing. Patients entrust you with their dignity as a nurse, so it is your obligation to protect their privacy, listen to their concerns, and consider their preferences for the type of treatment they like to receive.

The Role of Nursing Ethics in the Workplace

Nurses may work alone or in collaboration with other healthcare providers. Collaboration among nurses, coworkers, and doctors is critical to the quality and safety of patient care.

Nurses carry out their duties in accordance with doctor directives or use their own discretion when necessary. Nursing ethics entails treating all patients fairly and equitably, regardless of the following factors:

  • Economic status
  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Citizenship
  • Sexual orientation

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Ethical Responsibility of the Nurses

Nurses should continue their education and participate in professional development to maintain a high level of professional competency. Nurses’ ethical responsibilities include the promotion of health, the alleviation of suffering, and the prevention of disease.

According to the Code of Ethics for Nurses, nurses are responsible for providing care to patients as well as their families or linked groups. The code emphasizes the reality that patient care might sometimes extend beyond an individual. At such times, it is critical to tell the patient’s family, community, or business associates about the patient’s treatment and progress. Sharing patient information should take place only when it is acceptable and in accordance with patient privacy rules.

Ethics in Nursing and Morality

Nurses must report any unethical behavior by other professionals. They should notify their staff boss if they come across any healthcare workers who are involved in illegal activities, working with unreported impairment, or demonstrating ineptitude. Nurses should also intervene if they come into touch with patients who are victims of sexual, domestic, child, or elder abuse. They are also required to record incidences of contagious diseases like TB.

Achieving a Balance Between Job Performance and Nursing Ethics

Ethical nursing provides a foundation for providing the best possible care to patients. Nursing ethics is at the forefront, yet nurses must balance the demands of their patients with the obligations of the healthcare systems in which they operate. For example, the American Nurses Association suggests that nurses accomplish the following:

  • Patients’ rights must be respected and supported
  • Promote ethical nursing practice
  • Participate on ethical committees
  • Refuse to make any ethical compromises
  • Ethics should be taught to nursing students

Patient Rights

A nurse’s objective is to focus on the type of treatment and rights of the patients. They should set aside any preconceived notions about the scenario and their manner. A nurse, for example, must treat a jailed patient in the same manner as other law-abiding citizens. They should also find a technique to tame an angry patient while still providing the same quality of care as they provide to amiable patients.

As a nurse, you can give advice, but a patient has the right to make their own healthcare decisions. Accepting or refusing therapy is part of the decision. Patients want precise and complete information regarding their medical conditions. Because nurses are well-versed in medical terminology, it is their responsibility to communicate facts to their patients so that they may understand and choose the best solutions.

The threshold for adhering to ethics in nursing is high because Gallup has rated it as the most ethical and honest profession for 14 years in a row.

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