Integrative Literature Review: Implementation of Community-Based Education to Promote Colorectal Cancer Knowledge and Screening Rates

Integrative Literature Review: Implementation of Community-Based Education to Promote Colorectal Cancer Knowledge and Screening Rates

Students will complete a review of the research literature specific to the problem of interest in order to uncover possible interventions that can be utilized in evidence-based practice. The submitted paper will include relevant research findings that are offered as an intervention to address the clinical problem identified in the first assignment. The student is to critically appraise the studies that are shared in the paper. In addition to identifying 3-5 strong studies that will serve as the evidence base for evidence based practice, the student will also share general study findings related to addressing the problem using alternative interventions. Following your literature review, the student should be able to be knowledgeable about what the studies have found with regards to addressing a clinical problem and be able to ultimately identify the intervention they plan to use. This paper will briefly address the clinical problem, but mainly focus on studies found in the research literature that intervene upon the problem. This paper is NOT about the project you will design in NUR 704, but rather on the intervention you find in the research literature. This assignment will be used to support Chapter 2 in the final written capstone document.
The basic outline for the integrative review of the literature is as follows. This scholarly written assignment is to be formatted following the APA (6th edition).
I. Introduction (5 points). This section should be a very succinct introduction of the clinical problem, the proposed intervention (which will be supported by this paper). You will need to share some background information to help the reader understand why the clinical issue must be addressed. The section should conclude with a statement that states “The purpose of this paper is to….” Total length of this section is no more than two paragraphs.
*Note, this section is the first section of your paper which is preceded by a level one heading which is the same as the title of your paper. Do not use “Introduction” as a level one header.
II. Literature Search Methods (Total 10 points) – This section should discuss two major areas of content:
A. Sampling Strategies (5 points) – you used to conduct the search process, such as the databases accessed, year restrictions used, types of studies you focused on, and key terms (PICO elements) used in the search. You need to justify or help the reader understand why you used these strategies (ex. data bases and key terms). Utilize the search strategy matrix you have been using during your search to write this paragraph. Refer to this document in this section (“see Appendix A” or B…).
B. Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria (5 points) – you need to discuss the criteria you used when evaluating and deciding to utilize a piece of literature. For example, article needed to be “published within the last 5 years” or only certain “levels of evidence” would be accepted.
III. Literature Review Findings (Total 25 points) – this section is composed of two parts:
A. General Findings –
This section generally highlights all possible interventions found in the literature, but should not focus on your chosen intervention. That goes in the next section. This is a broad list of possible interventions found in the literature supported by a brief description of a few of the studies. If there were a lot of interventions found, it is not expected that you describe all of them but a sampling of them. Remember, this is NOT where you are describing your chosen intervention. This should not include the intervention used in your PICO statement but others you have uncovered during your literature review. Be sure to carefully cite all the studies found. Briefly explain why you aren’t using any of these interventions. Add additional level headings as appropriate.
B. Chosen Intervention-
Now introduce/present the 3 to 6 studies that support the exact practice change intervention you are considering. Each study should be presented sharing a clear, thorough description of the study including the setting, the sample, the methodology used including the intervention and the study’s outcomes (*Note you must share actual statistical data to reflect the positive outcomes achieved as a result of using the intervention). Utilize your Evidence Matrix you have been completing to write this section. Attach the Matrix in the Appendix. Add additional level headings as appropriate. Be sure to cite your studies. **Remember, there must be evidence to support a practice change initiative. The evidence table-matrix must be submitted with the final version of the assignment as an appendix. There must be at least 3 to 6 pieces of evidence that strongly support your chosen intervention/project.
IV. Discussion – (Total 15 points) – This section discusses three parts:
A. Limitations-Identify limitations of the literature review process – some examples could be you only located literature that seems dated by our standards, there was a lack of published empirical studies on the topic (offer a rationale for using non-empirical studies), there was a lack of studies in nursing but did locate studies in another disciplines, etc. Explain why you needed to expand your search to other disciplines. You cannot say there wasn’t any support for your chosen intervention or else you cannot use it!!
B. Conclusion of Findings- Briefly highlight your chosen intervention. How robust was the evidence? Why did you choose it?
C. Potential Practice Change- Considering the information you provided in section B above, describe a potential practice change you can design for your problem using this intervention –remember, this is just a lead off to what you will actually design in NUR 704
V. Conclusion (5 points) – a short summary of what was presented in the paper. Address “key take aways.” Do not introduce new information in the conclusion.
VI. References
VII. Appendix (Total 10 points)
A. Search Strategy Log- 5 points
B. Evidence Matrix- 5 points
VIII. Structure and Format of Scholarly Writing Assignment (Total 30 points)
A. Written in APA (6th edition) format (10 points)
B. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation (10 points)
C. Organization and presentation of content (10 points) – Be sure to use transitioning sentences when moving between sections of the paper. You need to help your reader follow your thinking.
D. This paper should be 12-15 pages (Not including cover page, references or appendix). Maximum pages: 15.

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