Intership | Information Systems homework help

Answer Objectives
 should be able to: 
● Demonstrate an understanding of and relevance to your academic career by
making a connection between knowledge learned in the classroom and practical
problems in an off-campus work environment. 
● Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas of interest, based on your
practical work experience. 
● Enhance a portfolio or resume with practical experience and projects.
Assignments to complete this week: 
In a 4 – 6 page paper based on your internship course experience and the learning
objectives achieved during the course, review your internship experience
successes and challenges leading to growth. You should demonstrate in your
paper a description of your professional portfolio and include any evidence of
accomplishment and skill development or recognition that you have acquired this session
and how it will contribute to your portfolio.
Provide at least two (2) peer-reviewed sources. when you have completed this question
select new examples and sources
to support your response. For questions, contact your instructor.
about me: I am an information security enginer working for an IT company. you can write daily traits according to any engineer. the assignment should be presentable with real life examples.

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