“Is GDP the true measure of well- being?Discuss

1) “Is GDP the true measure of well- being?” Here you can either use the US economy or any other economy of your choice and also use a couple of pre – packaged graphs from
Address in your essay the relation between annual growth rate of GDP and unemployment rate.
Reference: Look at pages 155,156 and 157 of
2) Is a strong dollar better than a week dollar. Write using the concepts you learned from Chapter 16 on Exchange rates.
Reference: Look at pages 388 and top of page 389 of
3) Convergence and Divergence of Rich and Poor Nations. Use the Chapter on Economic Growth to write this essay.
Are there persistent gaps in the growth rate of real GDP per capita or are the economies converging?
Explain the experience of the Asian countries as for example Hong Kong, Taiwan,China and compare their growth rate with the USA. On the other hand compare the experience of the Eastern European and African countries.

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