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PART 1.) Be sure to review the Mock Form Letter (linked in Resources) prior to completing this assignment, taking care to avoid making any of the errors shown in the letter.
Use the research you conducted in Unit 4 on using SSRIs, specifically Celexa, to treat dysthymic disorder, and consider the following scenario:
As a psychologist or counselor you have determined that a client you are seeing has persistent depressive disorder and would likely benefit from an antidepressant medication.
Create a one-page letter to the client’s primary care physician indicating your opinion that your client would benefit from this medication. Be sure to follow APA or ACA ethical guidelines when creating your letter.
Addressing Childhood Disorders With Psychotropic Medications
This is a two-part discussion. 
Part 2.)
Most available psychotropic drugs were not originally normed and developed for use on children, in part because psychotropic treatments historically were used primarily on adults. Additionally, concerns about the developmental impacts of such substances on children and related ethical issues have prioritized caution to avoid doing harm. It is important to note, however, that it is common for the same psychotropic medications given to adults to also be given to children. For this discussion:

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