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The Assignment
1. Choose a short story (Sweat, The Notorious Jumping Frog, Desiree’s Baby, etc.) or a cluster of poetry (Dickinson, Hughes, Brooks, etc.) from Weeks 1-4.
o If archetypal criticism is chosen, two short stories or two clusters of poetry must be selected.
2.  Determine which of the listed criticisms work well with your selection(s).
3.  Analyze the short story or poetry cluster that you chose. Complete this task by using the Literary criticism assignment (see attached below)
Type your analysis in this order:
A. Title of the short story or titles of the individual poems within your poetry cluster.
B. Brief summary of the short story or poetry clusters (all of the poems listed for your designated author must be used).
C. Explanation of the critical theory that you chose.
D. Examine your reading selection using your chosen critical theory.
o Use the answers to the critical questions to guide your analysis.
o Each answer MUST have at least one textual reference for support.
o Use the third-person point of view.
The assignment must be formatted according to the MLA Style guide:
o Heading (Your name, Professor’s name, class, date: 15 August 2021)
o Times New Roman
o 12pt. ft.
o Double Spaced
o Black font
o Top Right Page # (Karen 1)
o Works Cited

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