Modern Japan Essay

Modern Japan Essay

Generally speaking, Japanese leaders and the Japanese people not merely accepted but actually supported the changes that occurred during the American occupation. 1945-195. Attack, defend, or qualify this statement-and say why.

Write 1,200-1,250 words, typed, double –spaced, 12 point type, based entirely on the book, without additional research. Make annotate all quotations and opinions taken from the course readings. Include direct quotations and reference with page number.

David,Lu – Japan: A Documentary History from Chapter 14-15
o Pilling – Bending Adversity from page 77-90
o Onoda – No surrender from page 7-77, 109-219
o Andrew Rotter – Hiroshima from page 1-6, 64-69, 91-244, 240-274, 292-309

and please make sure u addresss the topic
and answer the topic that need to be address
and include quotations fromm all the books

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