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Instructions: There is a total of 4 questions in the attachment page 1. You first need to read the power points that are after page 1 in the attachment.

First question
you need to label Discussion Topic 1 of Module 5
question states (considering your own values, beliefs, and practices related to verbal and nonverbal communication, how might your values, beliefs, and practices related to communication conflict with people from different cultural groups in your community?) {this is for you information only I am Hispanic this should help you answer this question}

Next 3 questions
You will label Discussion Topic 2 of Module 5
Questions asked are as follows
1. Using the American Nurses Credentialing Center guidelines, what academic and experiential qualifications should a nurse have to practice in the home or community?
2. What are the differences in knowledge and skill required to become certified as a home nurse or a community health nurse?
3. How has your nursing experiences prepare you to function in the community as either a home health nurse or a community health nurse?
{this is for your information I live in Florida, United States of America this should help you with the guidelines that we use}

The book we are using is Professional Nursing Practice Concepts and Perspectives 6th edition
ISBN: 978-0-13-508090-0

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