Nurs 4325 research article critique, part two factors related to

Instructions: A major skill that is learned in this course is how to critically read and critique nursing research articles. The purpose for critiquing an article is to critically evaluate the research process followed by the author(s) of the assigned article. This is an information-intensive, time-intensive process that is not learned overnight. To demonstrate your skill at critiquing an article, you will complete this open-book multiple choice assignment.
Your assigned article for critique is:
Beauvais, A. M., Stewart, J. G., DeNisco, S. & Beauvais, J. E. (2014).  Factors related to academic success among nursing students: A descriptive correlational research study.  Nurse Education Today, 34, 918-923. doi:10.1016/j.nedt.2013.12.005
I have attached the questions as a document.

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