NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion

NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion

NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion
I am a Registered Nurse (RN). I reside in Littlerock, Arkansas, I am single with no children, and I am the primary caretaker of my 70-year-old mother. From the most primitive time that I can remember, I wanted to make an impact on the world, mainly through the care of others. I had practiced as a Registered Nurse, since the year of 2015, before my career as an R.N., I held a Nursing Assistant certificate and a license for Practical Nursing. I work in the Long-Term Care (LTC) setting. NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion.
My ultimate goal is to work as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I plan to provide empathetic, compassionate care that is all-inclusive. The care that I expect to deliver will encompass not only physical health but spiritual health as it affects the overall health of a being and a population. I plan to isolate and identify the causes of individual patient imbalances utilizing a root cause analysis and from there articulating and implementing plans for specific issues to educate and promote further health NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion. Focusing on health promotion must include the spiritual and physical well-being of an individual or group, for this shows full support of the being. (Grossmeier, 2019). The ultimate goal is to educate to prevent further circumstances.
Attending Walden was not an easy choice for me, so many thoughts rushed through my mind as I began to doubt my ability to return to school and obtain a degree. I can honestly say that it was something about the commercial that pulled me in, and after speaking to some of my colleagues who had attended Waldend and receiving only good reports I was almost sold. NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion I then began to do some research, and my nerves began to resurface, and my intuition just told me go for it you can do this, stop being afraid to be the change that you want to see in the world, so I applied.
Walden’s mission substantially aligns with my professional and academic goals, but more so for me with my spiritual goals. By providing me with many opportunities for multiple modes of learning and allowing me not only to learn but also to apply the skills I obtain from the teaching provided NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion. By providing groundbreaking, learner-centered, enlightening curricula that identified and will integrate the information, expertise, and capabilities that I bring into my academic program, it lets me know that Walden will put me first. (Walden University, 2020). It gives me confidence that Walden puts me first. The coursework aligns with the knowledge that I must harness to achieve my goal. I believe this will aid in my professional elevation. I think that the community’s improvement by focusing on an individual’s health, and conditions that are faced day to day is imperative NURS 6003 Week 1 Discussion. Knowledge and safety are paramount in the medical field, and by completing the course work provided and by mastering the programs learning outcomes, I feel that I will have fulfilled my definition of success, in this particular arena.
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