Nursing is one of the most popular jobs, and it is increasing in popularity among young people who want to work in the medical industry. Nursing is regarded for providing students with the freedom to work in a variety of disciplines as the medical profession evolves with new medications always being explored.

Nursing as a career path necessitates the development of skills and specific knowledge in order to overcome some of the conditions. It is a highly serious job description that necessitates a serious drive and attitude in order to ensure that every patient receives the best treatment available.

The aforementioned occupation necessitates nurses who are prepared and competent, as it poses a risk and harm to the public if performed by professionals who are not prepared to take on the job as a career. Many states in the United States and other nations have laws that are usually passed by the state legislature. Many of these acts, however, do not provide the necessary direction that is required in the nursing profession, and hence have a board of nursing that is empowered to make administrative rules or regulations that are useful in making the law more explicit.

Nursing practice in Florida is governed by the Florida Administrative Code, which is a permanent collection of state laws arranged by subject into a code that consists of titles, chapters, parts, and sections that are constantly updated. The Nurse Practice Act’s only legislative aim is to ensure that every nurse practicing in this state meets the basic requirements for safe practice. The aforementioned legislation ensures that nurses who fall short of the basic competency standard or who otherwise pose a risk to the public will be barred from practicing in this state.

To practice nursing in Florida, one must obtain a license from the Florida Board of Nursing, which is overseen by the Florida Department of Health. The mission of the department of health is stated in Florida State 456, Health and Professionals and Occupations, which states that all health professions shall be controlled only for the preservation of the public’s health, safety, and welfare within the state’s police powers. When the above-mentioned health professions’ practice is unregulated and thus known to hurt or jeopardize health, safety, and public welfare, they must be regulated.

The Florida Board of Nursing is made up of 13 members who must be Floridians. It is made up of seven registered nurses who come from a variety of backgrounds and have been in the nursing profession for at least four years. It should also comprise three practical nurses with three years of experience previous to their appointment, as well as three other members who have never been licensed and have no connection to nursing practices. The governor appoints all of the aforementioned members for a four-year term.


The Nursing Practice Act requires the Florida Board of Nursing to develop and implement rules and regulations for registered nurses, certified nurses, practical nurses, certified nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, registered nurse first assistants, and certified registered nurse anesthetists. The Board of Nurses’ role is to supervise, license, discipline, educate, and rehabilitate its licensees in order to ensure their fitness and competence in providing healthcare services to the people of Florida.

Some of the specialties available to Florida nurses include:

  1. Legislative Nurse Consultant, Who are competent registered nurses who use their skills, knowledge, and competence to advise on medical lawsuits?
  2. Certified Dialysis Nurses are nurses that help patients and adults who have serious renal difficulties.
  3. Registered Nurse Anesthetist Certification Assist in identifying the patient’s health state as it relates to risk factors and anesthetic treatment of the patient during surgery.
  4. Registered Nurse Practitioner Whose profession include providing primary and secondary care to patients, frequently in partnership with a doctor.

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