Paper on rape victims | Social Science homework help

In this essay, explore further the path of the rape or sexual assult victim after official reporting makes the crime “public” information.  What are the possible family and community responses to the victimization?  What are the potential help resources for victims, different from official government agencies, based within the community?   Conclude this paper with an assessment of what is helpful within communities and what is not helpful.  
The student may define the word community.  For example: Limit discussion to urban or rural communities.  Limit discussion to college campuses as a community.  Limit discussion to neighborhoods as communities.  Limit discussion to a city as a community. The student may look at a specific city or campus and explore the resources that exist currently.
Grading:  Spend time with literature, including academic literature, and write a thoughtful 4-5 page paper. Grading will be determined by depth of investigation, accuracy of the answer and ability to clearly articulate findings.

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